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Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

So Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance you can find – you need to be aware of a number of factors. While one insurer might be cheap for someone you know – it won’t necessarily be the same for you. There are a huge number of factors that influence the cost of your car insurance, and we’re going to look at them.

What do you need the car for?

Are you a regular driver who needs a vehicle for work or do you just need it occasionally? This plays a role in the cost of your car insurance. Someone who uses their car regularly like for a commute to and from work will cost more to insure – because they’re considered more at risk of an accident.

You will be asked how many miles on average you use a car for per year. While you won’t need to stick to this strictly, you should give an accurate estimate.

If you don’t use your car much, you could find a cheaper insurance quote. Some car insurance companies will be the cheapest for this kind of insurance as they specialize in it.

Where will the car be kept overnight?

If you intend to keep your car on a busy road, it’ll be more likely to get scratched or bumped from another vehicle. It might also be at a higher risk of theft or vandalism. Conversely, if you intend to keep it locked in a private garage, your car will be safer at night. These factors both play a role in determining how cheap your car insurance will be, as a car kept somewhere safer will obviously be at a lower risk (and therefore cheaper to insure).

To try and reduce your car insurance costs and find the cheapest car insurance, see if you can find a secure place to keep your car, especially at night. While you don’t have to keep it there all the time, you should be realistic about where it’s going to be most of the time.

What area do you live in?

This is another important factor. Sadly, some areas have more crime which means your car is at a higher risk of theft or vandalism if you live there (even if the car is kept off the road most of the time). Other areas may also have higher costs due to other reasons like market competition and alternative options.

To keep your car insurance cheap if you live in a high crime area, you should keep your car in a private garage rather than on the road or in a public car park, as we previously looked at.

Car insurance costs can vary even in the same city depending on which particular area you live in. Thankfully, the useful zip code tool on this site will give you a quick and easy answer that’s specific to your actual location.

What type of car is it?

Is it a Ferrari or an old banger? The newer and more expensive the car is, the more the insurance should be, especially if you want it completely covered. New cars are more desirable to thieves. More powerful engines could also make you more at risk of an accident (and of causing more repairs to the car you collide with).

If it’s a cheap and old car, it might break down more but you can afford to forget certain coverage areas that you wouldn’t want to ignore if you’ve got a new sportscar.

How long have you been driving?

The more experienced a driver you are, the cheaper your car insurance policy should be. While this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re still young or have had some driving convictions – more years on the road generally leads to a cheaper policy.

The longer you’ve been driving, the cheaper your car insurance should get.

How old are you?

Even if you’ve got quite a lot of driving experience, you might find your policy a bit more expensive if you’re still young. Actually, a 40 year old driver with 3 years experience might get a cheaper policy than a 25 year old driver with 7 years experience. That might not make sense, but older drivers are generally considered safer and less likely to want to drive fast or aggressively.

If you want cheaper car insurance and you’re still young, you could consider using a specific insurer that caters just for you. Some insurers want to avoid young drivers altogether so will offer prohibitively expensive quotes – but you should be able to find an affordable one on this site if you have a look around and use our quote tool.

Some insurers that cater for young drivers will also install a recording box that monitors your driving and makes sure you don’t break the speed-limit. This is a good way to reduce insurance costs and get cheap car insurance if you are a safe driver.

Have you had any major incidents or driving convictions?

One way to make your car insurance costs skyrocket is to get a speeding fine or DUI. These sorts of driving offences put car insurers off for good reason – so try and avoid them wherever possible.

What sort of coverage are you looking for?

If you want your car fully covered for fire, theft and other eventualities – it could make your policy more expensive. Depending on the car, you might be happy to have less coverage but make sure you’re covered for everything you need. Some policies only insure for costs incurred on a car you collide with rather than your car – these sorts of policies are also cheaper than full coverage. If you’re looking for cheap coverage we recommend looking for very cheap car insurance no deposit.

How to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance for you

You’re in the right place for that. This site has a handy zip-code tool that gives you a wide range of quotes, quickly and easily. Use it and find who has the cheapest auto insurance for you.